Executive Chef/Owner – Judy Han

A career changer, Judy was fortunate to find her first kitchen job with Suzanne Goin (Lucques, A.O.C., Tavern, The Larder), whose passion for local, sustainably raised food had a huge impact on shaping Judy’s culinary philosophy. She continued to cultivate her commitment to using responsibly raised food throughout her tenure in other respected chef’s kitchens, including Neal Fraser (Grace, Redbird), David Myers (Sona), Chris Kidder (Literati II), and Bryant Ng (Cassia, Spice Table).

In 2007, Judy joined Mendocino Farms when it was only operating out of an 800-square foot space in Bunker Hill of downtown Los Angeles. She was instrumental in helping it grow into a successful and much beloved multi-unit concept by the time she left her position as Corporate Executive Chef in December of 2014.

Eko Eats is a passion project for Judy, who is thrilled by the opportunity to cook a different style of Korean food, to show that there is more to Korean food than just barbecue. She embraces the chance to offer food to vegans and others who may have dietary restrictions so that they too can enjoy a cuisine that she loves and grew up with. Her goal is to offer delicious, healthy and approachable Korean food using the kind of ingredients that she proudly serves to her own children for everyone to enjoy. 


Manager – David Kang

David Photo.jpg

David started his journey into the restaurant world when he was given an opportunity to help his friend open a seafood restaurant in Glendale. He fell in love with the fast-paced, customer service aspects of the industry, as well as the daily multi-tasking and problem solving. Prior to working at Eko Eats, David was a heavy meat-eater, but has since changed his diet and perspective on food. He discovered that healthy food can be delicious, nutritious and “craveable” and is excited to share this experience with both team members and guests alike. Eko Eats is lucky to have someone as passionate about learning and teaching as David.